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Our Stories - Angela

In-Home and ARMHS Services
"I have become more goal oriented and I continue to push myself to achieve new and bigger dreams."
- Angela

Realizing Her Full Potential

Angela has a lively sense of humor and a strong passion for writing. She is a young woman with many talents, big dreams and a strong desire to succeed. However, before RSI, her mental health issues overshadowed the positive and left her with a bleak-looking future.

Prior to moving into an RSI supported living setting in 2010, Angela found it difficult to focus and manage her behavior. She lived in settings that used traditional behavior modification methods, such as limiting her access to the community after a behavioral outburst. With these methods proving ineffective, Angela began losing ground in her pursuit of a positive future. Angela's social worker, Dan, knew she needed a program that would take a more-thoughtful approach to her care. Lucky for Angela, Dan found RSI.

Using Positive Behavior Support, RSI tailored a plan to meet Angela's specific needs, with an ultimate objective to support her in achieving her life ambitions. Rather than implementing a traditional plan that addressed only behavioral issues, RSI developed an individualized plan to keep Angela engaged in accomplishing her goals while teaching her the natural consequences of her actions.

While living in an RSI supported living setting, Angela collaborated with her RSI team to identify and work toward constructive, forward-looking goals. She decided she wanted to attend college, own a dog and move into her own apartment within a year. As Angela worked toward these goals, her team identified events that triggered her behavior problems and taught her skills to replace negative behaviors with positive coping methods. While living in the supported living setting, Angela greatly reduced the number of outbursts and learned skills to manage the few that did occur.

Today, Angela attends Lake Superior College, is the proud owner of a dog, and has transitioned from the supported living setting to her own apartment. She has published two books of short stories and is well on her way to achieving her dream of working as a writer.

Through RSI's person-centered approach, Angela is realizing her full potential and taking steps toward reaching her life goals. She works with In-home and ARMHS programs to continue working on behavior management and further develop independent living skills.